Thanksgiving Crafts

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Any opportunity I get to visit the girl’s classrooms,  I jump at the chance. I’m sure at some point this will really embarrass them, but until then...I’m there! So when I was asked to help with Emme’s Thanksgiving craft this year, I’m embarrassed to say...I went to town. And I had so much fun with Sailor and Emme testing possible projects. 


We had ‘turkey’ feathers flying and wood glue in places that didn’t seem possible :) , but together we came up with a few projects that were super cute and easy! 


The girls had a ton of fun making these little scarecrow popsicle stick puppets. And it was a craft that was easy to manage for both Sailor and Emme’s age. Anytime I can get them into the same activity, I run with it!


There are a ton of different variations of this quick craft on Pinterest, but we mostly drew inspo from this one from A Cultivated Nest!


For me, Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. We spend a lot of time talking about things we are grateful for in our family and this time of year makes it really easy to weave that conversation into fun activities. I will say, after Sailor finished her scarecrow I was most grateful for ‘goo gone’; but that’s beside the point! Together we decided that these scarecrow puppets would be a fun bonus craft to the ‘Gratitude’ placemats we are making with her class.  I can’t wait to share those too! 



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