Hostess Gifts

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I look forward to the holidays like no other. The decor, the food, the family just makes me so happy. I also love a good holiday party! This time of year (especially) I always have my eye on that special little dress or sweater that feels festive and I also find myself on the hunt for thoughtful hostess gifts that allow me to say ‘thanks for having us!’ in a different way. And although the ‘host/hostess’ gift is appropriate all year round, the holidays seemed like a good time to share my secret stash of goodies that ensure I never show up empty handed. 


On both coasts I have a small basket (or two) filled with little trinkets that have caught my eye throughout the year. Sometimes I pick things up that make me laugh, remind me of someone, or simply small things that you wouldn’t necessarily take the time to buy for yourself. 

In Tampa, my go to is my friend, Hadley Rivera, who has the cutest curation of gifts at this really unique shop Tate and Tilly, which houses a bunch of small boutiques under one roof.  Since it’s Hadley’s business to find the latest and greatest, it makes it easy to stop into her shop within a shop to stock my baskets. My last trip I picked up a few staples like Voluspa candles from their holiday collection


and some really cute astrology matches from The Social Type.


I also I found these adorable reusable dish cloths online here


These are machine washable, eco-friendly and safe to use on all surfaces!

I’m guessing some of you might be wondering, ‘what’s wrong with just bringing a nice bottle of wine?!’ And believe me...I live for wine and the answer is nothing! But sometimes it’s nice to switch it up a bit. In fact, I’m obsessed with these wine bags that are made by Easy Tiger.


They are a modern and fun twist on the stock wine bags and are super inexpensive!

If I’m looking to step it up a bit, I usually keep a few Swig Stemless Wine Cups.


These cuties come in all sorts of colors and patterns and styles and they are amazing for keeping your wine nice and chilled or warm drinks extra toasty. I love them! 

I’m guessing it’s clear by now that I love entertaining and love a great party. I was raised in a lively, Cuban home that was always filled with family and friends milling it’s really a huge part of my life as a grown up. My mom really inspired so many of the little things I do now that add meaning to everyday life...and always showing up with a little gift to say ‘thank you’ is absolutely one of those things. Today it was fun to share a few of my go-to’s, but over the next few weeks I’m excited to share some homemade treats and other ideas that are great ways to say ‘thank you’, or ‘I love you’, or ‘I’m just thinking about you’! 



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