Thanksgiving Tables

With Halloween decor safely packed away, I have found myself buzzing with ideas for this year’s Thanksgiving and Holiday decor. 

My house is a 100 year revival with extremely traditional touches. It has lots of crisp white walls and simple furnishings that make it a really easy backdrop for almost anything. I’m genuinely inspired by most any design style and this year I’m choosing pieces that can easily transition into the holidays, mixed with some of my ‘old faithfuls’. Finding myself drawn to huge pops of color AND warm organic decor...this just might be the year our decor changes weekly!

Today, I thought I would share some of the images that are particularly inspirational to me and why!


I love this fresh and colorful approach to a Thanksgiving table. It simply makes me HAPPY. I have drooled over this table for the past couple of years...truly I never tire of it! This is also something that can be achieved for very little money. The candlesticks can easily be worked into almost any occasion and design style, so they are a great addition to your decor arsenal. I promise they will never have to be packed away. Then add in some seasonal fruits and golden pinecones, you suddenly have a glamorous and modern thanksgiving table!




One of my favorite parts of holiday entertaining is the opportunity to enjoy special pieces that you normally don’t have the excuse to break out. Whether it’s grandma’s vintage serving pieces or the formal china your mom demanded you register for...the holidays are the time to give them some fresh air from that china cabinet and bring them to life! I love the traditional vibes of this table. Using a few special serving platters, seasonal fruits and greenery, and some simple votives; you suddenly have a table that evokes ‘heirloom’ vibes in a really effortless way.




There is something so chic and effortless about the modern bohemian vibes of this table by The College Housewife. It is perfectly ‘undone’ and it makes my heart skip a beat. It’s also a great example of being able to be completely festive without feeling too on the nose. I always aspire to have a bit of this carefree feel to my design work. Every detail feels like it’s never trying too hard, but still makes a huge impression.




It’s safe to say the modern farmhouse is having a moment (thank you, Joanna Gaines) and I think it’s here to stay. I feel like it has such a broad appeal because it’s rooted in timelessness and is compatible with most any design style. This table has it all. The organic feel from the stunning garland and fairytale pumpkins, copper and gold accents that sparkle in the candlelight, and crisp white linens that tie it all together.

Whatever your tastes may be, these are amazing examples of tables, that despite their differences, are very easy to put together. Fall has such beautiful organic accents that mix beautifully with those pieces we all own that withstand the test of time. It might be one of the reasons I love Thanksgiving so much. It feels like a holiday that is just about family and tradition. And that is absolutely my HAPPY PLACE.



What is inspiring your Thanksgiving table (new and old) this year?