Private Editorial

One of the most special parts of my life as a ‘baseball wife’ was crossing paths (and becoming family) with some incredibly talented and loving women. When Nick signed with the Cleveland Indians I was very, very pregnant and completely taken in by a really wonderful group of ladies. One of them was Casey Martinez of Private Editorial who also happens to be an incredible photographer. She was the first to capture both Emme and Sailor after they were born and has taken such special and unique photos of our family that I absolutely treasure. 

Photos by Private Editorial

Photos by Private Editorial


Taking the time to ‘sit’ for family photos can sometimes be daunting. But Casey and her team take the experience to another level. Her vision is always unique and personal. She’s always eager to capture The Happy Place in every family she works with. And one of my FAVORITE parts of what she provides is a clear picture of how your photos can become part of your home. She creates ART with your images and the result is magic. She always tries to find the heart, but she also takes into consideration the interiors of your home. 

CM: "I think FIRST about your home’s interior aesthetic and plan your shoot around the colors and decor of your home. We want to bring the same excitement to family photos as when you pick up the latest issue of your favorite fashion magazine and fantasize about the images on the pages. What sets us apart is our experience in the fashion world. It’s not just about posing and designer labels. It’s about creating a mood and capturing the stolen moments that really create a memory worth documenting. With every client we have a consultation and collaborate to design a dream experience. From there a story board is created and the magic starts to happen…”

Casey and the Feintisch Family were kind enough to share their photos on ‘The Happy Place’. I asked Casey about this shoot because it’s such a beautiful example of Casey’s approach start to finish. 


CM: “Every project is special in its own right. The Feintisch shoot was not only special due to its location, but also because of Melanie and Adams’s backstory. They met and fell in love in New York City, and welcomed their first child, Charlie, to their home in the Upper West Side. We kept the entire shoot in their neighborhood, this way the images had personal meaning on top of being gorgeous. No matter where their lives takes them, this shoot in an artistic snapshot of where they started their family."


Not only do Casey and her team execute the shoot, she helps you visualize how it will live in your home. It might be one of my favorite parts of the whole experience. Her attention to detail and thought process ensures that your family photos become that perfect piece of art that brings your space together.


How do you incorporate family photos into your home? Snap a pic and let’s get inspired together!