Photos by  Kate Gordon

Photos by Kate Gordon

I don’t know about you, but when you think of  ‘girl’s trips’, hitting a tiny town in North Carolina isn’t probably the most common of destinations. But last week, that’s exactly what my girls and I did. Sure, we had work to do. But we had a ton of fun doing it.  I think it’s safe to say Highpoint Market absolutely lived up to the hype. My friend Odette deemed it the Super Bowl of furniture! 

I’m in the midst of a few larger Happy Place projects and getting the opportunity to touch, feel, and sit on many of the pieces I had my eye on was invaluable. I even invited a couple of clients to join me on one of the days to get inspired and see for themselves all the wonderful furniture that will soon be filling their home. I was left totally inspired and wooed by all the beauty and my mind was racing as to how I was going to incorporate them into my work. 


One of my favorite stops was Moss Studio. This furniture company is really a one stop shop for upholstery. They are incredibly easy to work with and their stocked fabrics are durable and incredibly on trend. For my Prospect Project we are working with them for all major upholstered items and I can’t wait to see the final result! 


And to complete the great room we popped into Gabby to pop a squat on their beautiful acrylic stools that will line their jaw dropping kitchen island. 


I had a pretty strategic game plan in place for the day I had my Happy Placers. I wanted them to really to see their house come alive from the months we have spent feeling fabric samples and taking in my vision boards. But I also made time to stop by places that truly make my heart race. Ro Sham Beaux is one of those spots. I walked away with an entirely new game plan for our outdoor space (Nick is not yet aware of this!) and selected our guest house fixture. Their work is eye candy at its finest! 

One of the other exciting parts of the trip was what we captured on film. The Happy Place is coming to life in a new way (excited to share the details soon!!!) and I wanted to take some time to document some of the most supportive and special friendships I have in the furniture business. One of those people is my friend, Neal Edwards, of Worlds Away. 

I have long been a fan and customer of the fabulous line, but when I was barely brave enough to make the leap into officially launching The Happy Place...Neal was there to embrace me and push me forward. We might have more fun together than anything else, but he’s a trusted mentor and always there to lend an ear...and always with a fabulous cocktail in hand! 


We also spent some time with our crew in the fabulous Tempaper. 


I’m dying to use their removable wallpaper in our home and just solidified a plan to put it into a powder project I’m excited about! Their product is HIGH quality, ranges from timeless to totally on trend, and user friendly. 

You get the impact of stunning paper without the feeling your making an endless commitment. And when you’re ready to change it up...they’re ready to offer up countless other options. 


Our final stop was to Selamat Designs. And, oh Lord, was it dreamy. When I make the guest house reveal you better believe it will be dripping in their gorgeous furniture and accessories. Their line is so rich in pattern and texture and has a one-of-a-kind feel that is timeless in the most interesting way. 

All-in-all, Highpoint was a huge success. I left feeling inspired by all the beauty and more sure than ever that following the journey of The Happy Place is exactly where I should be right now.