Rolling Greens Pumpkin Succulents

Photos by Kelly Zajfen

Photos by Kelly Zajfen

Lately I have been really inspired by fall decor. Even in my design work, fall vibes are flowing. But this year we are on the west coast and heading into fall feels a bit different from last year in Atlanta. So, inspired by these Cali vibes, last week my girlfriends and I took a class at @rollinggreens on how to make ‘succulent pumpkins’. The perfect mix of California sunshine and fall classics. And after this class, I knew exactly what our fall decor would look like this year. 

We started by spraying the top of our pumpkins with some adhesive. After letting it sit for a couple of seconds, we then took some sheet moss and made a base for the succulents to sit on. 

Rolling Greens-1.jpeg

Next we went to town on arranging the succulents! I really tried to remove all the potting soil attached to their roots so I had a relatively dirt free plant to pin on. 

Make sure you choose all different sizes and colors. 

Rolling Greens-3.jpeg

And the rest is really just pinning securely to the pumpkin and whatever creative spin you are feeling! 

Rolling Greens-5.jpeg

This was such a fun way to spend a Sunday morning with my girlfriends and I was so surprised how easy these pumpkins were to make!!  

Rolling Greens-6.jpeg

With this as inspiration for our fall decor, I was ready to bring the house to life for the new season. I can’t wait to show you what the front of our house is looks like now! 


What is inspiring you this fall???