Boss Babes: Kelly Zajfen

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Photos by Heidi Ryder

I’m so excited to introduce you to this months Boss Babe, and my friend, Kelly McKee Zajfen. Kelly is a wife to her husband Julian and mama to her six-year-old-twins, Lily (her heart warrior) and George. When she’s away from her little ones, she runs a girl’s romper line, little minis, which Emme and Sailor live in!

little minis was love at first sight for me. Their gorgeous prints and precious fit give a one-of-kind feel to a romper that can be worn on both special occasions and for everyday play. And they are an absolute reflection of Kelly’s effortless and stunning style.

Kelly is also the Head of Community for HEYMAMA, part think tank, part community of inspirational, career-driven, modern mamas AND, if that wasn’t enough, she’s a co-founder of Alliance of Moms and a heart ambassador for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. 

It’s easy to see why Kelly is the definition of a Boss Babe. She juggles work, philanthropy, motherhood, and being a soul sis with incredible grace and I’m so lucky to call her my friend. Check out her precious romper line and the meaningful organizations she supports...I promise you will be inspired!



1. What made you want to start little minis? 

I think many things! There was a desire to create something I hadn’t seen yet in the marketplace that I was searching for endlessly for my own kids. And also I really wanted to do something that was going to support and create jobs for other local businesses, and change the way I was looking at purchasing and consuming kids wear. 

I also really wanted to be doing something creative. Having twins, especially while they were younger, was sometimes lonely. This gave me a creative outlet and goals to strive for. To build something for myself, and for them. 


2. In my work in interiors, I’m always considering the balance between beauty and function. I feel like little minis strikes that balance perfectly! Special enough for a Christmas card, but comfy enough to wear to the park. What was your thought process when you came up with the design?

I knew I wanted to make something that was super functional, super easy to throw in the washing machine, and that really stood out. My daughter was such a girl, but man she loved to climb trees and stomp around the playgrounds! That is why I had to put the attachable bloomers under the dress so she could run around but be a a little lady too ;) Also, little girls love to twirl! So the attached bloomers were a must! 


3. I’m completely obsessed with pattern and texture. Your dresses check every box! How do you find your fabric? 

Thank you!! Vintage is SO fun and so is finding magic in other designer houses left over goodies! I source from local vendors, online sources, and vintage shops. Because I only use vintage, and deadstock fabrics. It can be difficult to find, however, I have a good team that now knows what I love and what to keep an eye out for if it comes in!


4. Every collection is always so special. Where do you find your inspiration for them??

The community and environment I travel to always inspires me. I also love watching through my customers their adventures and that allows me to connect with them and see the places they travel and what they need!  I’m all about comfort but I do love a good twirly moment, so our dresses really are the standout for little minis. I of course also get my inspiration from my own little, Lily, and our own personal  travels. For this coming season I wanted some holiday love, however, I traveled to France and Canada this summer and was so inspired by so many blues and greens that I made sure I searched those out for this next launch!


5. Running a successful business, countless charitable organizations, and being an involved momma to two littles...what advice do you have for women trying to balance it all?

First, you can do it!!! I promise! I think where there is passion and love for community, there is always time you will find to make things happen. I have an amazing hubs who supports all of my entrepreneurial endeavors and my love for the different communities and charities I support but I also have an amazing group of women who definitely support and root and lift me up and are always encouraging me. Community in all aspects is key to success. We can’t do it all by ourselves! 

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