Refreshing Our Tampa Home

My love of interior design was completely home grown. As I decided to take the education more seriously and began creating happy places for me and my family, I knew this was a passion I had to pursue. In the past year I have been so focused on other people’s happy places. It was only a matter of time before I started to get the itch to take on a new project in our own home. With a full blown construction project in our future in Los Angeles, I’m choosing to take a lighter approach in our home in Florida.

With the help of THP-Tampa designer, Mandy Drew, we are revamping our Spanish Mediterranean home. This time with attention to some traditional design elements that were lacking in the original construction. Cue the beautiful wooden beams like these below!



The interior walls are already light and bright. So my hope is that the natural wood will bring a little organic drama and really ground the spaces with soaring ceilings.

I’m also removing all the ornate iron work in exchange for a more modern and simple design like this!

I still love the jewel tones that bring this home to life and plan to incorporate a more muted version of them throughout the house. My goal is to create a vibrant feel, but with more depth. This has always been a home where I have been willing to step out of my box and really go for it, but I’m craving a new feel. I want the statement of rich colors and dramatic design elements, but I want this refresh to modernize a home that has been so special to us.

With a game plan in place and my amazing partner in crime, Mandy Drew, to help me execute from afar, I think we are ready to start making some magic happen! My goal is to walk away from our Floridian refresh feeling like we have breathed new life into the place where we celebrate so many special moments as a family.

What are some of the design trends and styles you are eager to try?