Try Something New: Golf Lesson With Tyler!

Photographs by  @grindandpress

Photographs by @grindandpress

I made a commitment this year to try new things. Some have pushed me out of my comfort zone and others have simply been on my wishlist. But this month it was all about learning something that would be fun for Nick and I to enjoy together...GOLF!


Full disclosure, I grew up on the 13th hole of my neighborhood golf course, I have ZERO excuse for really not knowing how to golf. As a kid, I was a tennis junkie and spent most of my time working as a child actor in Florida. The golf moment didn’t just pass me by, it never happened! But Nick LOVES it. And while I love that he has something he can enjoy with his friends and keep him entertained for hours (he has a LOT of energy people!!!), he asks me at least once a month to play with him. I usually offer to drive the golf cart for an hour or I go and get some online shopping done. But that really isn’t enjoying anything together.


I’m a pretty sporty human so Nick could never understand the mental block. But the truth is, I have pretty awful memories of golfing at summer camp. Like...I whiffed my way through the golf portion of the day. And it really killed my love of the sport. SO, I thought while I’m enjoying some family time at are home on Florida, I asked my friend, Tyler, to give me a late afternoon lesson. And he changed my whole perspective on golf!

Full disclosure, once word got out that I was having a super secret golf lesson that NO ONE was invited whole family started showing up to witness the comedy show. BUT Tyler gave me a little tequila, told me to ignore the audience, and within minutes I was making sold contact. It doesn’t sound like much but it felt SO good!


Aside from Mini Golf, I have had zero luck making contact with a golf ball. And Tyler immediately honed on the best method for me to succeed.


I took a couple of swings that (in my mind) were nothing short of what the professionals look like. But nothing like a reality check to get me whipped into shape. I looked CRAZY! Head up, butt back, and all over the place!


Certain I could never do that move again in public (OR ANYWHERE!), Tyler used my comfort level with a tennis swing to get me back into my body and slowly made adjustments that better suited a golf swing.


Once I had a good rhythm to my swing (and actually hit a few balls!) he started to work on what keeping my eyes on the ball really felt like.


Understanding this was going to be no easy task, he tapped the end of his club on top of my head as I set up for my shot and miraculously I hit the ball what felt like a mile. I’m sure this doesn’t seem like much, but the feeling of making that solid contact had me hooked.


Of course, I gave all credit to Tyler’s magical club...he indulged that notion for about a minute. But swing after swing I started to feel what that solid foundation felt like and suddenly golf became FUN!


I don’t know that I’m going to be dreaming of joining the (senior) LPGA tour, but it certainly is the start of a new hobby and one I can share with Nick.


I never thought golf would be my ‘thing’, but it always amazes me what a good teacher can do to help you learn to love something. Thanks, Tyler, for making me feel like a golfer!


Next lesson we need to work on, my double high five skills!

If someone asked you to try something new, what would it be???