Finding The Perfect Scent For Our Tampa Home!

Photos by  @thesudiomagnolia

There are a few things that are essential when I’m putting the finishing touches on a space and one of them is always a special scent. Sure, I indulge in a seasonal candle or two, but in my home I always tend to diffuse the same subtle scent that gives me that warm and familiar feeling.


On our summer visit to Florida I heard of a new shop called The Candle Pour, and thought it would be fun to mix up a new fragrance for our home in Tampa. Walking into the bright and chic space I was already feeling inspired, so I dove right in!


The wall of fragrances is incredible. I sniffed and jotted notes about every scent that moved me. Their selection is enormous!


With the help of a Candle Pour expert, I was able to choose a combination of some of my favorites that would work nicely together.


I must have been feeling the masculine vibes that day because I landed on a combination of Man Cave, Mug and Brush, Champagne, and Gardenia.


When it came time to mixing, I was a bit intimidated at first.


But as I combined them, I found myself understanding how they complimented each other and was adding a dash of this and a few drops of that in no time.


Once I had the perfect combination, we added the wax to my vessel and all that was left was to let it set!


I also made sure to mix up some extra oil for my obsession with my home diffusers.


I love the idea of walking out of an experience with something that is special and unique to me. If you are in the Tampa area, be sure to check out The Candle Pour for yourself. They are located in Hyde Park Village! And for those of you looking to create your own signature scent, I will be sharing my own at home candle making in the coming weeks!