Sneaking In The Good Stuff: Stackable Popsicles!

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Photos by Heidi Ryder

I always love a good frozen treat and my kids and husband are no different! Now that the temperatures outside are rising and our outdoor time is at its peak, the girls are always asking for popsicles as ‘snacks’. In an effort to offer quality options and check all the boxes, I have found myself getting creative with frozen ‘snack’ time.


Recently, I found these tiny, stackable popsicle molds from Lekue and they have been in heavy rotation. They take up very little space in the freezer and are the perfect size for tiny popsicle seekers.


The latest variety that I have in the mix is SO simple. My girls (thankfully) are huge fans of Greek yogurt. So I quickly mix some organic yogurt, honey, and a couple of drops of Watkins all natural food coloring, and throw together easy rainbow pops!


I pop each color into little snack baggies and ‘pipe’ the yogurt mixture in layers in the molds. 


You can get creative with the intensity of the colors or add a bit of granola or fresh fruit chunks and a few hours later you have a frozen healthy snack!


There are so many great popsicle molds options out there. Lekue also makes different shapes. I just bought the cactus set and have plans for some ‘adult’ popsicles! 

I love it when snack time comes together with happy kids enjoying a treat that is also good for them. What are some of your ways to sneak in the good stuff?!