My In-flight Skincare Routine

Photo by Heidi Ryder

Photo by Heidi Ryder

You might be wondering ‘why the ridiculous picture, Jo?’ And that’s similar to the question I get from Nick pretty much every time we fly. We have spent a lot of hours on an airplane in our time together and he STILL gets embarrassed by my in-flight skincare routine. I mentioned last month I would share it with you one day and thought our big summer kickoff month would be the perfect time!


It’s no secret, airplanes have their fair share of germs. After a quick wipe down of the seats, seatbelts, and tray tables with an antibacterial wipe, I head straight to my carry-on for my small air purifier. I know this sounds insane, but airborne illnesses on planes can be a real thing...especially during cold and flu season.


A few years ago a friend of mine whipped out her personal air purifier as we were heading out for a work trip. I thought it was crazy at first. But I did a little research and immediately bought one for everyone in my family. It’s small, quiet, and purifies the air around you in a three foot radius. It really is my added safeguard to keeping me and my family from picking up any random airborne illness that could be floating around our cabin. 

Flying can be especially dehydrating for your skin. But, for me, I also suffer from a major lack of ‘glow’. Once I have settled into my seat is when Nick really starts to squirm. He knows I’m going to be masked and slathered within an inch of my life. But what better time to sneak in a little self care than when you are stuck on a plane?!


I start by cleaning my face with a makeup wipe. Lately I have been loving the Truth On The Glow from Ole Henriksen. They really leave my face feeling clean and their mini pack fits easily into your carry-on! 

Once my skin is fresh and clean I reach for my little sheet masks. I have found that the targeted masks are a little easier to manage than the whole face varieties. I keep small individual packs of eye and lip masks in my travel bag at all times.


Sephora makes great eye mask options for your desired results and they are as subtle as they come. I’m not saying you won’t get a few double takes, but for the most part you will fly under the radar with them!


However, if you really have no shame in your game, you MUST try the popular ones from Wander Beauty! I have a sensitivity to Lavender, so I can only admire them from afar, but I have heard great things about them in the make up trailer!


The dehydrating effects of altitude can really get the best of my lips, so I never am without my little lip kit from lip guru, Sara Happ. I’m currently OBSESSED with her sweet clay lip mask. It’s pretty, pink shade won’t be too alarming to those around you, but the benefits of it are amazing. It soothes dry lips and flights those annoying little wrinkles that seem to be so obvious when my skin is parched.


If I’m flying solo and can really zen out, I also usually pop on a sheet mask while my clay treatment is doing its thing. That way I can treat the surrounding areas. There are a lot of great ones on the market, but I really like the Rose option that Sephora offers.

After my masking is complete, I rub in any excess serums from the sheet masks, wipe off my clay mask, and reach for my finishing touches.


I have been living Sara Happ’s Dream Slip. It’s formulated for night, but I like the added moisture while traveling.


But if you prefer something a little more lightweight but equally luxe, Sara’s is a beauty staple for me!


Once all of my treatments have soaked in, I like to give my face a quick spritz. Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water is something I reach for everyday and they make it in a travel size!


And then I lock it all in with a lightweight moisturizer. I am loyal to Shani Darden’s oil free option

I know it seems like this is a bit intense, but if you can’t make time for a little TLC when you’re passing the time on an airplane, when can you??? I also swear that you will be amazed with how clean and refreshed your skin feels when you land! 

What are some of your tricks for traveling that keep you healthy and help your skin look fresh and glowy? I have a summer of travel ahead and am always looking for great ideas!