Ready Or Not, Summer Here I Come!

Photo by Heidi Ryder

Photo by Heidi Ryder

There’s just something about summertime that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I’m sure the warmer temperatures have something to do with it, but things seem to slow down a bit. And I love nothing more. Bedtimes seem to be less important; the long days allow us to live up those evening swim parties; and I love firing up the grill and soaking up the outdoor entertaining season.

But this summer is proving to be a bit busier than ever before. Even when baseball season was in full swing and Nick was busy working, it never felt like we were racing around like this. We have a few trips planned, with and without the kiddos, that I’m really looking forward to. We are spending as much time with our family at our home in Tampa. And we have some really exciting news that we can’t wait to share. Before you place your! I am not pregnant! Ha! That’s not to say we don’t discuss expanding our family, but for now we are enjoying the rhythm our little family has going for it.

Summer really is a season that carries a lot of excitement. June is traditionally a huge month for weddings and we are finally all thawed out from winter. I also find myself checking in on how my goals for the new year are coming along. After all, we are halfway through. I’m inevitably amazed by the dreams that are becoming realities and I’m even more amazed by the twists and turns my life has taken us in directions I didn’t even know were possible. Summer is all about fun and I don’t mean to overthink it; but it really is a huge time of reflection for me.

Entering the summer this time around the sun really has brought so many unexpected surprises. I feel a renewed energy in so many aspects of my life. I’m humbled by the power of putting things into the universe yet again. And I’m trying to live by my dear friend, Teenie’s, philosophy of the ‘3 A’s’...adapt, accept, and appreciate. I feel more creative than ever and that has brought on unexpected nervousness about the vulnerability that creativity brings to my life. I find myself feeling so grateful to The Happy Place and all of you kind enough to follow along. We are embarking on our one year anniversary and suddenly on the brink of some really exciting new partnerships. I started so afraid to share anything more than my love for interior design and with your support I have tip toed into sharing so much of what makes me tick. It has been fun! And I can’t wait to do more!

This summer we will be celebrating the season, soaking up precious moments, and hopefully making new memories along the way. I’m excited, invigorated, and a little bit terrified of the next big steps our family is making. But one of the most spiritual and powerful people I have ever been in the presence of, Dana Childs, explained to me that without experiencing all of the emotions, we can’t truly experience what happiness is. I think she’s onto something here...because I’m anxious, I’m excited, I’m a little bit scared, but most of all I’m HAPPY. 

Happy Summer Happy Placers! Here’s to some fun in the sun and exciting adventures!