Let's Party: Mixology

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Photos by Heidi Ryder

We all know, I love any reason to throw a party. And I’m also always up for a fun girl’s night. So when my longtime friend, Rachel Zalis, Global Director of Special Events at Casamigos asked if I was up for hosting a mixology party for me and my girlfriends...I was in! And what better time of year than the week of Cinco de Mayo?!


Knowing that tequila would be the star of the show, we put together a couple of extra wide farm tables that I often use for family style dinner parties and created stations for each guest to have all of the tools needed to mix three different tequila drinks.


We were lucky enough to have, Kristin Clark, the national mixologist at Casamigos, walk us through each drink and we mixed, muddled, and shook our way to the best night ever!


The decor was simple and beautiful, but completely practical. Pops of green were thanks to our mint and cilantro; the citrus and spices added beautiful pops of color; the hot peppers just screamed ‘spicy margarita!;


and the delicate, edible flowers were the perfect finishing touch!


The edges of both tables were lined with our own individual tools, creating vibrant mixing ‘stations’ ready for action.


If your familiar with Casamigos, you know the culture surrounding their incredible tequila is truly all about enjoying life. Founded by people who are dedicated to creating tequila on the highest level, It’s delicious and fun!


So I wasn’t surprised when Kristin kicked off our class with a simply chilled shot of their delicious Mezcal.


Oh and I can’t tell you the joy our little Maraca beverage shakers brought to us. I mean you pour in the alcohol, add ice, shake like we all know how...


And it pours from the handle! The mezcal was crisp and smoky and so smooth. And the perfect ice breaker!


As we all licked our lips and (me) shook every last drop of my maraca into my mouth, Kristin walked us through her recipe for Spicy Margaritas. It was such a simple blend of all fresh ingredients and could easily be catered to our individual preference for spice. Mine...extra spicy!


After a bit of persuading, Kristin got us to trust our inner bartenders and shake like the pros do.


We lined our glasses with a little help from the juice of our orange and smoky salt


And poured the icy and muddled tequila, lime juice, simple syrup, cilantro and peppers over a small mesh strainer. And Voila!


The most delicious Spicy Margarita you could easily mix for your guests!


Our shakers got quite the workout as we moved on to a yummy guava and tequila cocktail that reminded me of my childhood. Our Cuban home is a BIG fan of guava. I will say, I thought this one could be a bit to sweet, but the lime juice offered the perfect balance.


Last but certainly not least, was our pina colada margarita. This was decadent but light and really packed a punch. I will now try to use Pineapple purée in everything until further notice. It was for sure a fan favorite and also super easy to throw together.


I was so excited to throw this party for my girlfriends. It’s something different and fun and we all walked away feeling extra proud of ourselves for taking our bar tending skills to the next level. Casamigos didn’t just spoil us with a night of tacos and tequila, they also sent everyone home with their maracas and a precious little gift bag.


Anytime I get a chance to gather together that many of my best girlfriends at one time, I’m a happy girl. Add great food and even better tequila...it was a night I won’t soon forget! 

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