Celebrating Pacific Natural with Jenni Kayne

There are very few things that I enjoy more than quality time spent. Making memories in the tiniest moments, slowing things down, and really savoring connections. When I close my eyes, it’s truly all I wish for. This feeling is something I have always hoped to capture as I pull the curtain back on what my Happy Place looks like.


A few weeks ago, I shared about the few days I spent with some wonderful women celebrating the genuinely divine, Jenni Kayne, and her book, Pacific Natural. Every detail of our itinerary was more magical than the rest and I couldn’t wait to get home to share all the details with you. And I will!


But as I sat down to write about this lovely retreat, I kept coming back to the FEELING of what the experience was like.


You see, Jenni’s beautiful clothing and home goods aren’t just the definition of casual elegance; they are a reflection of her and her effortless warmth.


Every detail was more beautiful than the next; beginning with the generosity and beauty that is Folded Hills. One of the most gorgeous gems in Santa Ynez.


Owned by Kim and Andy Busch, Folded Hills is a family-owned farm and vineyard.
They claim ‘making friends is their business’ and that ethos is so clearly felt when you spend time on their land and especially when you enjoy their beautiful wine that is a tribute to their own family, both past and present. It was truly the perfect setting for the experience that Jenni wanted for us.


We started our time together with a floral arranging class with the incomparable, Sarah Windward I have a deep love for fresh flowers. I spend hours each week arranging, watering, and enjoying all the small arrangements that are scattered around my home. But listening to Sarah talk about flowers really inspired a thought that became one of my largest take-aways from my trip. The way she looks at a flower, noticing how it naturally curves and lays or how she handles them without any fear of crushing a leaf or petal was really special.


She taught us to lean into a flower’s natural flow and not be afraid to weave it into our masterpieces.


She is so clearly doing what she was meant to do in life. And that passion is undeniable. When you see someone living that truth, it’s incredibly meaningful.


That first afternoon set the tone for our entire trip. We were about to experience...and enjoy...and benefit from so much talent that is clearly living their own truth. Starting with none other than the hostess with the ‘mostest’, Jenni, herself. Pacific Natural is Jenni’s guide to celebrating special moments with your friends and family. This retreat was the ultimate example of this. It’s genuine and so true to who Jenni is. The Jenni Kayne aesthetic is natural and beautiful...and good lord it’s also beyond chic.


Jenni’s charm and hospitality is undeniable, but never feels too fancy. Even though it drips with elegance. Pacific Natural is a celebration of how absolutely attainable her zest for life is for all of us.


The few days I spent with Jenni at Folded Hills, I slowed down. I indulged simply by be kind to myself.


I kneaded and rolled away all of the trapped energy I was holding under the guidance of ‘body whisperer’, Lauren Roxburgh. Who now is going to be a permanent fixture in my life. I can’t wait to dive into her new book, The Power Source, that focuses on alleviating stress in our bodies by unlocking our ‘power centers’. I felt taller after the hour we spent together and loved that I could easily maintain the routine at home by subscribing to her digital studio!


Food and wine are absolutely two of my favorite things in life and this trip was filled with both! I came home ready to join the Folded Hills wine club because I don’t want to live life without their Lilly Rose. And some of the most remarkable food made by the some of the most incredible chefs.


Listening to them talk about their stunning meals, I was struck by the power that exists when your work is an extension of what you are passionate about. It’s remarkable and inspiring. And I enjoyed every morsel.


I was reintroduced to my cheekbones thanks to a lymphatic massage and glowed like never before after my facial with skin guru, Kristin Holey. I took home her complete line of decadent skincare and they are truly a game changer.


I floated away thanks to acupuncturist, Sherri Matthew. She gifted us with a beautiful jade roller and left tiny gold beads on delicate pressure points in my ears, that in the weeks since our time together, have been a constant reminder of the power of accessing the energy flowing through our bodies.


Pacific Natural offers a variety of how to’s for delightful, homemade crafts. So Jenni asked the women behind Women’s Heritage to guide us through an afternoon of making homemade bath salts, bath oils, and infused honey.


These ladies come from incredibly diverse backgrounds and are really amazing. Their entire mission is connecting women through sharing. We all sat together, chatted, and left with little treats to indulge ourselves with when we got home.


The crafting took place at the Farmstead at Folded Hills. This was one of my favorite parts of the property. Mostly because of the sweet piglets that I couldn’t keep my hands off of.


But we also were treated to their famous rice crispy treats that they sell there, along with fresh eggs and fruits and veggies. I was told these treats were life changing, but I did not anticipate thinking about them for weeks to come like I have!


On our last night we dined with intimacy and relationship expert, Esther Perel. This was a really life changing dinner. Esther was warm and funny and had such a gift for engaging in curious conversation that led to stunning revelations about all of our interpersonal relationships. It felt so safe. So simple. We learned through sharing our own and listening to one another’s experiences and I walked away feeling closer to the women at our table. I felt like I had a new perspective on my most important relationships. Esther gracefully helped us unload seemingly monumental obstacles and I think we all walked away feeling empowered. Her book, Mating in Captivity, is an absolute must read!


As if I wasn’t already more alive, aware, and connected from my time with Jenni and friends, I ended my trip with the most incredible meditation with the two powerful, Kasey and Jakki, of WellSoul.


As we channeled our energy, I found myself actually connecting with the active meditation. It was powerful. I walked away changing my thoughts with positive and empowered imagery. It was the perfect end to two beautiful days spent slowing down and making memories. Exactly the feeling I get when I flip through the pages of Pacific Natural.


These few days were an absolute dream and only made better by the fact that I got to be there with one of my best girlfriends, Odette Annable.


And every night we got to sit on our back porch, sipping our Folded Hills Lilly Rose (my personal favorite), begging our two furry roommates to come snuggle...because much to our surprise our casita shared a backyard with a spunky, pint-sized zebra and donkey!


Safe to say, this was a something I will always remember. I left being inspired, connected, and filled with gratitude for Jenni and her INCREDIBLE team for the time we spent at Folded Hills. And as I flip through the pages of Pacific Natural it brings me right back. It’s truly a wonderful tribute and guidebook to the importance, simplicity, and utter beauty of taking time to slow down and enjoy life with the ones you love most...something I can say with total confidence is the Jenni Kayne way.