Boss Babes: Shannon Wollack & Brittany Zwickl Of Studio LIFE/STYLE


It has been a minute since I have taken some time to focus on real deal interior design. And since May is all about celebrations, I thought the perfect Boss Babes to celebrate this month would be the women behind Studio LIFE/STYLE! Founded by, Shannon Wollack, and alongside her Partner and Principal Designer, Brittany Zwickl, these two are some of the most popular and coveted designers making waves right now. I have been a fan of their work for quite some time.


They are the duo behind my friend, Hilary Duff’s, kitchen that graced the cover of Better Homes and Gardens!


And they also had me swooning for Hilary’s jaw-dropping stairway runner! 

It’s safe to say, I’m obsessed with their work and I was so excited when they agreed to be May’s Boss Babes! 

I loved getting the chance to catch up with Shannon and Brittany and (if you don’t already know these style stars!) get the chance to introduce you to them on The Happy Place! So Happy Placers, get ready to fall hard for Studio LIFE/STYLE! 


1. One of the things I admire the most about your work is that you have a way of incorporating the latest trends in a timeless way. What’s your design philosophy in approaching each new project? 

We look at each project differently / holistically, analyzing individual spaces, architecture and function. Our goal for every project is to marry our design intent with the client's goals for the space. Creating harmony between design and purpose. 


2. In keeping with the idea of trends, what are you loving right now for 2019?

Historically, we have tried not to lean too trendy in our designs and have kept our projects fairly fresh and tonal with a punch. We have a few projects in the works that are pushing boundaries and allowing us to explore more with color, patterns and breaking traditional design rules. 

Currently, we are loving working with lime-wash or roman clay paints that allow us to gain color with depth and texture, while staying true to our roots. This technique can achieve a deep, bold color which we love.


3. You are a true dynamic duo. Can you describe what each of you brings to strike such a good balance?

Our backgrounds and previous experiences bring different points of view to the table, which helps drive our business. Brittany, with a more technical, architectural background oversees that arm of our business. While Shannon, coming from the corporate fashion industry, focuses on the business side. We both collaborate on creative. 

With so much going on in our office, our motto is to divide and conquer!


4. Whether it a be a recipe, a party favor, an entertaining or design tip, what would you consider your specialty? 

SW: I have an innate passion to dig, explore and discover new things! Whether it be a hidden restaurant, designer, brand, podcast or book, website or vendor, I love to share my discoveries. No matter where I am in the world, I am always on the hunt. 

BZ: I am very hands on and focused and like to be involved in all of the nitty-gritty construction details. I'm not too bad at throwing together a floral arrangement either!


5. What would you do with 24 hours to yourself? 

SW: Get up, no alarm (or children needing me!), enjoy a strong cup of coffee while listening to a new podcast, followed by a Body By Simone workout. I have a weakness for a good blowout, so post workout, I would hit up Drybar. Then, I would do what I love best, shop! Not necessarily for clothing - but exploring new places I haven't been before or a part of town I haven't been to in a while. I am that type of person that does not mind eating alone, so I would probably take a book or magazine and sit at a great restaurant and eat/drink at the bar. To top off the day, early bedtime! Sleep with kids is few and far between! 

BZ: I would LOVE a mellow health-conscious, self-care day (sans cell phone or computer). Including a good workout, a facial or a massage. Topped off with something creative but chill - like strolling through a museum or taking a pottery class. 

Check out more of Shannon and Brittany’s work at and give them a follow @studiolifestyle_ ! They are a source of endless inspiration for me and truly some of the kindest women around!