Your Best Self: DNA Testing

Photos by  @thestudiomagnolia

My Dad is a physician in Tampa, FL and he runs a really successful weight loss and wellness practice. He’s so passionate about helping people find their way to a healthier lifestyle and is always researching the best way to do that. 


I have really been trying to make a big push to achieve optimal health and my dad suggested I try a DNA test he started offering at his office.  This test really gives a clear and personal picture of what our bodies need. Eager to learn more about my personal road map, I immediately ordered one! The process was super easy.  I swabbed, sent, and waited for the results. 


Using a analysis of my genetics, I can’t even begin to explain how fascinating it was to see the best path to total wellness. One of the most interesting tid bits was that I’m a fast metabolizer of caffeine (so THAT’S why I can chug coffee right before bed and still sleep like a baby)! And I also learned that cardio based exercise is most optimal for me. My Dad made some suggestions and helped me digest the report. The consultation comes with the purchase of the DNA kit and I highly recommend utilizing it.  Together, we were able to connect so many dots. 

Learning what our bodies need is so crucial to our long-term health and achieving the results we are all searching for.  After my DNA report was analyzed I was then able to order a custom blend of vitamins that my body needs and was lacking. I’m NOT big on taking a bunch of pills throughout the day, but I know that I need the supplementation. The micro tab vitamin blends my dad offers are the easiest thing I have ever committed to. Three mini scoops in the morning and I know I’m getting the highest quality supplements. Finally a plan I can stick with! 

I’m four months in and feel amazing. As we age and science gets more advanced, we are learning that proper supplementation and maintaining balanced nutrients is not only key to our overall health and wellness, it’s also incredibly vital to our brain health. Never have I been more committed to ensuring I’m giving myself the best chance at aging healthfully. 

If you’re interested in kick starting the journey to your best self, I urge you to take a deeper look at what your body needs and how it works. There’s nothing more personal than learning what that means than with your unique genetic makeup. 



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