Your Best Self: Beyond Meat

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Nick and I had the good fortune to be treated to the most delicious night with our friends as we feasted on Beyond Meat and Beyond Sausages.


We were lucky enough to have the team behind Jon and Vinny’s (if you ever get a chance to dine at this amazing restaurant in Los Angeles, DO IT! They have at least three things on their menu I would request in my last meal!) prepare the most incredible menu using Beyond products as the star of the show.


Nick and I have been a fan of Beyond Meat for quite some time. In an effort to reduce the amount of red meat Nick was consuming, we turned to Beyond Meat patties because they are truly incredible. I know ‘meat free’ burgers get a bad rap. And in my opinion it has everything to do with texture. Beyond Meat has mastered the ‘bite’ and it’s truly a burger that stands up to the traditional beef burger. It leaves you feeling like you haven’t settled on any level!


They grill like your average beef patty, have that perfect density that feels like you’re biting into a hearty burger, and yet they don’t weigh you down!


Already in love with the burger patty, I have been waiting to try the sausages! 


The chefs thought that firing up the pizza oven would be the perfect way to get everyone excited about them. And let me tell you they were incredible!


It’s clear we are a ‘Beyond’ family and have been for quite some time. And we first came to these products because we wanted to introduce more plant based protein into our diets. BUT, the part of this story that is most exciting to share with you is the tremendous impact Beyond Meat is making on the environment.


According to a peer-reviewed study conducted at the University of Michigan (if you’re a science freak like me, you can read the study HERE!) building meat without the use of animals is significantly more sustainable and environmentally friendly. I spoke on the blog yesterday about the small steps we are making towards making a difference. Well THIS is a huge one!


I was so excited when the geniuses behind Beyond Meat asked if we wanted to host a dinner like this. The incredible talent behind the Jon and Vinny’s team are famous for exceptional food and service and they created a menu using all the Beyond Meat products that blew my mind! 

If you’re interested in trying Beyond Meat for yourself, here’s a link to help find the closest resource. And there you can see many of your local chain restaurants listed that also offer Beyond Meat menu items!