Happy Place ‘Happy Hour’ - Spring


Our house is always full with visitors and I love mixing simple specialty drinks to welcome our guests. Today I’m sharing a grapefruit and rosemary simple syrup spritzer (say that ten times fast!) because the fresh grapefruit at the market were too pretty to pass up! 

It’s such a light and refreshing beverage and if you add a little vodka (why not, right???) it’s perfect for happy hour!

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Using a simple shot glass, I started with 2 parts of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and about 4 parts sparkling water. Added a splash (1 part) of my simple syrup and an even larger splash (3 parts) vodka. Gave it a little swirl and poured it over my favorite ‘crunchy’ ice!


I garnished with some fresh rosemary springs and grapefruit wedges inspired by my friend, Eva’s, recipe and they looked so beautiful!


Since we were eating al fresco, I decided to step it up with the presentation too! It gave the spritzers that extra chill and they went down easier than I anticipated. I ended up mixing two more batches!


Having already made my simple syrup favors, I popped them onto a tray and made sure everyone took one home! 

It may still be a little chilly for al fresco dining and spring-y cocktails, but this Happy Place happy hour was a start in the right direction! 

What are your favorite happy hour cocktails? Share your recipe and let’s enjoy together!