All The Feels This Holiday Season

Photo buy Heidi Ryder

Photo buy Heidi Ryder

The holidays are some of my favorite times of the year. I love nothing more than unplugging and soaking up time spent with our family. If it isn’t already clear that I’m enormously nostalgic and very focused on traditions, this last month of content should solidify that reputation. In recent years our family has experienced a tremendous amount of members that have played enormous parts in mine and my husband’s lives. It has been heart wrenching to say the least, but in an effort to keep their spirits alive and focus on the magic of the holidays for the little ones...we honor our loved ones by continuing their contributions that made a warm mark on our holiday memories and magically our grief turns to celebration. As we look forward to the taste of a recipe or game that we play, I know our loved ones would be proud of the small things they brought to the fabric of our family and get a kick out of any new and modern spin we bring to it. But more than anything, we are together and that is what the spirit of our holiday is all about.

I wonder when I’m looking down on the future generations of our growing family, what contributions that I have made that will carry through? Perhaps it will be the inevitable new Pinterest fail of a recipe (will I ever learn my lesson?!) I try every year; will it simply be stories shared of my miraculous ability to kick solid ‘doubles and triples’ in our annual family kickball game and BARELY make it to first base because I’m careful not to spill a drop of my afternoon cocktail (maybe that is a super power that’s really just in my head...but when I safely make it there with my cocktail intact I’m sure to give myself a little pat on the back); or will it be that one family member who is genetically predisposed (like me) to repeatedly remind everyone ‘its the holidays people, we are having FUN’? Whatever it may be, I’m committed to always honor those who have passed, sprinkle the magic for our tiniest members of our tribe, and in a time of year that can be so hard for so many reasons...choose to bring the joy to the season.