Boss Babes: Nikki Lee And Riawna Capri AND A Holiday Hair Tutorial

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Boss Babes has been one of my favorite parts of The Happy Place. I love getting the chance to introduce you to women that not only mean so much to me personally, but are also out there in the world making their dreams come true. I have been excited to share my December Boss Babes with you for quite some time. And with a calendar full of holiday parties, I thought this month would be a perfect opportunity because these trend-setting boss ladies are responsible for creating ‘looks’ for some of our favorite celebrities! So we not only got together to chat Nine Zero One and their epic new product Magic Myst...I also asked them to whip up a easy ‘do’ that I could create on my own to change up my usual down and loose waves go to. 


When I first met Nikki and Riawna they had just opened the doors to their salon in West Hollywood. I was in need of some mermaid perfect locks and they were truly the best in the business for amazing extensions. Together they whipped up the beginning of what my hair as ‘Ariel’ in ‘Once Upon A Time’ would become. I loved them both instantly and I was so impressed with their friendship, supportiveness, and unwavering vision of the empire they were trying to create. It was THEIR happy place and that passion is the very core of what their massively successful business has been built upon. Needless to say, I was in. A loyal, loving client from day one and our friendships mean so much to me. Nikki is the mastermind of my red hair and also was there to chop it all off when I was stepping into the shoes of Betty Grissom in ‘Astronaut Wives Club’! I have entrusted these women with setting the foundation for so many of the most important characters I have portrayed. And this post would be 100 pages long if I listed all the other women who would say the same!


They are the epitome of Boss Babes. Riawna and Nikki didn’t just stop when their salon became a success and their dream was becoming reality. When you walk through their doors, you see a giant room full of aspiring stylists soaking up all the knowledge they dispense and nothing is more exciting and celebrated than when an assistant becomes a full fledged stylist of their own. They took that desire to give back and created the wildly successful Beauty Coach and literally travel the world spreading their story and talents with others. 


And if that wasn’t enough, they have just launched Magic Myst from their highly anticipated hair product line, In Common. A venture that is rooted in the importance of celebrating what we all have IN COMMON. What makes us all the same and equal. I mean, come on people! In a world where so much emphasis is put on what divides us, these ladies are creating businesses in the hopes of bringing us together. 

It all sounds glorious, right?? And it is. But behind the vision are two very astute and savvy business people. They have high standards and expect the best. I have learned a lot from the hours I have spent in their chairs. I have seen their attention to detail and skill change how someone feels about themselves when they leave their salon. And I respect how they expect that level of excellence from their employees. 


Before I left our little shoot and hang out, I asked the ladies to share a quick style that I could easily recreate, that felt festive, and that changed my go to ‘down and loose waves’ look. 


I’m a sucker for a sweet bow and I’m really into the ribbon trend. They pulled out a spool of ribbon from our local craft store and we teased our way to this adorable half up style! 


And despite the fact that it was super simple, I asked them to type up a ‘how to’ for those of us that need it (me!)!


Step 1: Prep the hair with a soft curl using a 1 and 1/4” curling iron. 

Step 2: Using a teasing brush, back comb hair from forehead to crown. 

Step 3: Tie hair half up using a clear elastic rubber band. 

Step 4: Wrap ribbon around elastic, securing with a bow. Finish by cutting ribbon ends to desired length. 


I love getting the chance to shine some Happy Place light on two of my favorite women. They are absolute Boss Babes and a great example of how when you’re willing to work hard and be brave enough to follow your dreams...amazing things happen! Love you Nikki and Ree! 



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