Peeking Into Our Wedding Album On Our 8 Year Anniversary!


December 11th, 2010 was undoubtedly one of the most incredible days of my life.  It was the day that, surrounded by our family and closest friends, Nick and I got married.  The weekend was perfection from start to finish thanks to my beautiful mother, my wedding planner Heather Lowenthal of Posh Parties, and the remarkable staff at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach.  But the magic came from those that traveled from all over to surround us with love as we embarked on our life together.  

Looking back, I’m really overwhelmed by the emotions that we felt throughout our wedding weekend.  We were SO excited and SO happy and everyone that was with us seemed to lift us up in that same spirit.  And as I looked through our photos wondering what to share today, I feel it all over again.  I was marrying the person I had not one single doubt was meant to be standing next to me when I thought about what making this commitment would mean. And standing beside US were the most meaningful people in our lives.  


We had a huge bridal party simply because they were the people that held our hearts so dearly on the journey to finding each other.


And to this day, they do the same. 


We were married by two men that feel like fathers to us. Nick’s pastor, Jim Mike Ward, and my father from REBA, Chris Rich.  We laughed, we cried, we prayed…and we started our lives together knowing that our ‘village’ was so strong and so believed in the love Nick and I shared. It was remarkable.


Now that Nick and I have Emme and Sailor, I wonder what it must have felt like for our parents on that day.  The bond that I share with my father is so incredibly deep and meaningful and I would be lying if I didn’t say we shed so many tears that day.  He looked so proud, so happy, and so grateful that he would be walking me down the aisle to someone he knew would be good to me.  And as a parent, I can only imagine what joy that must bring.


My mother has always been my best friend and that day she never looked more beautiful. She was the mastermind behind the entire wedding! I was working on a show in Los Angeles and we didn’t have much time to plan.  I completely handed over the reigns to her, our wedding planner Heather, and the Breakers staff.  Their attention to detail left so many memorable moments that we still talk about to this day.


My only request was that people were well fed, had endless things to drink, and had fun.  And looking back, the graceful hand of my mother knew exactly what would make things perfect for Nick and I.  And so much of her ‘touch’ is layered into my love of entertaining and making moments, big and small, special. 


Our wedding cake was designed by the incomparable Sylvia Weinstock and flown in from New York City.  It was adorned by a gift from LEGO. A tiny ‘baseball’ groom and bride.  Something that still sits in our family room. And in case wedding cake wasn’t enough, we had individual ice cream sundaes for our guest to enjoy.


There could never be a wedding post without talking about the dress. And I’m still in awe of mine.  I always knew that I wanted wear a Monique Lhuillier dress and to this day every time I see her I hug her and thank her for making my wedding dress dreams come true.  It was perfect in every way. It was enormous and grand, but light as a feather. It felt like an extension of me. I didn’t feel like I was wearing a costume and I knew it’s gorgeous design would withstand the test of time. And, ok! I admit it…I still put it on!! 


Eight years ago today, was the start of a life that I could only dream of.  When Nick and I met we already had been blessed with so many of our dreams coming true as individuals. But that day was the start of sharing those blessings and experiencing so many more together.  Sure, life has a way of taking you on unexpected twists and turns; but the hope and excitement of what is to come has never faded for us.  I have no idea what life has in store for us. But I know that with this man by my side life will be just that much sweeter. 


Thanks for letting me share these precious moments. The Happy Place seemed like the perfect place to open up the pages to our wedding album for the first time ever…our love and the life we are building together is the heart of this entire destination so it seemed fitting.