Tiny Touches

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Design, for me, is a really personal experience. It is truly how ‘The Happy Place’ began. I realized that no matter what or who I’m designing for, the personal feelings towards a space absolutely come first. I am always guided by function, of course, but it’s the small, subtle, personal touches that I incorporate into each room that bring me the most joy. 

Determining where we might have a book shelf or any sort of shelving in Sailor’s nursery was something I thought a lot about. Her room had different pitches in the ceiling and was largely filled with windows. With limited space, I opted for acrylic shelving to coordinate with her acrylic window hardware. Fabricating the shelves was simple with the help of a local plastic company. But I still had to select brackets for them to be mounted on. 


I love Etsy for a million reasons, but mostly because the amount of creative and talented people at your finger tips is unparalleled. So, in a little nod to Sailor’s name I thought to see if I could find an anchor or something in that vein. I stumbled upon these pretty little silver ones and crossed my fingers it would turn out. I was so excited to see it all come together. It was the perfect stage for Sailor’s collection of Puffin Books, the first trophy she earned for her soccer class :), and some of my favorite family photos. And anytime someone takes a tour of her room and notices the anchors I feel so excited. If there is one thing that is ALWAYS a reflection of my ‘happy place’, it’s a space that is filled with these small touches that make it personal. 

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