Boss Babe: Nikki Erwin

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Photos by Heidi Ryder

It’s no secret The Happy Place is a reflection of the things that personally bring me joy. I thought a lot about what we would explore and share. And one of the things I was most certain of was that I wanted to highlight the amazing women who I’m surrounded by. The way they are crushing life falls under so many categories, but they are equally stellar and I admire them more than I could explain. They also have insane style. And The Happy Places that surround them as they make their magic is a story I knew I had to tell.

In thinking of who my first Boss Babe might be, I went straight to my friend Nikki Erwin. She is truly one of the most fun, loyal, and fabulous girls I know. And her jewelry line, Established, is a complete reflection of that. One of the things that I was most excited to talk about was her thought process behind the design of Established headquarters. It’s so different from the interiors in her home, and I have always wanted the scoop on what inspired her to make bold and fun design choices and how she feels it reflects her incredibly cool jewelry line!


1.   Established jewelry is fresh, luxe, and very ‘in the now’. Where does inspiration come from for your pieces?
I never know when inspiration will hit. It’s a very day-to-day process for me. I often make pieces that are an expression of what I’m feeling in the moment.

2.  This space has functioned as an office for a couple of your businesses over the years.  When it became Established headquarters, how did the design change? 
Established jewelry is such a bold brand with a clear message - I wanted our habitat to reflect that. Every color, piece of furniture, and decor detail is what “Established” means to me. When I walk into the office, it’s very clear that we’re all Established all day. 


3. I love your use of bold colors mixed with organic wood pieces and pops of color. What inspired you to make those choices?
My brand centers around three colors: green, gold, and black. So, naturally, the space is heavily influenced by those colors. Every once in a while, I toss in a pop of color - just for fun. It makes me happy, which I think is important to feel when you’re in your workspace.


4.  Do you have a favorite piece of Established jewelry? 
It’s pretty much impossible for me to have a favorite piece. I’m constantly designing new pieces, and I’m falling in love with something new all the time. I’m currently lusting over two new pieces we haven’t released yet, our “Forgive me Father Medallion” and “Lock Down Bracelet.” Both coming soon! That being said, there are a few of my OG pieces that will always have my heart – my razor blade necklace, my large evil eye bracelet, and my diamond torpedo necklace. These are the pieces that really represented my voice and my line from the start, and I still think they are as rad as the first time I saw them. 


5. Who is the Established customer?
The Established customer is confident and decisive. Someone who makes purchases for the present. Where classic is cool, but cool is better. 


6. You recently gave me one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I own! My ‘Trap Queen’ necklace! What made you choose that for me?
Firstly, I love you. It thrills me to no end when I see that on you! I use a lot of phrases and words in my collection. Most of them are slangy, wild, and edgy. The standard Webster dictionary words often can’t capture what I’m trying to say, so I go with phrases and words that do. A lot of the time, slang can be scary or intimidating for people to use in their day-to-day language. It’s 80% of mine, so it’s only fitting that my jewelry be a reflection of my voice. 

When I think of Jo, “Trap Queen” comes to mind. For those who don’t know, here’s a definition pulled from Bustle… “A witty or street-smart female, usually with an urban flavor or appeal, who is loyal and resourceful. Baddest female superior to petty affairs and bitches. She is down to do what is needed for her friends, family, and man.” It’s far too fitting. 


It’s easy to see why Nikki was our first Boss Babe. I am proudly rocking my special piece and love when someone asks me about it (which they do all the time). As far as Nikki seeing me as a trap queen...I’m humbled. And I say in response "It takes one to know one, Nikki!!!" Check out her amazing stuff and let me know what’s you’re favorite!