Boss Babes: Jennifer & Julia Cohen

I love our Boss Babe feature for so many reasons. Mostly because it gives me an opportunity to shine a light on women that are doing really amazing things. Earlier this month I chatted about how closely connected the interior design and fashion worlds are.  When I wanted to tell that story I went straight to my friends, Jennifer and Julia Cohen, who own Los Angeles based Switch Boutique.  True story, I run straight to their beautiful store whenever I’m in need of anything from my everyday ‘jeans and a t-shirt’ to red carpet special-ness.  They are amazing and watching their business grow has been so incredible.  They are the definition of Boss Babes.  They have impeccable style and it not only reflects in the clothes they sell, but it also shines through in their beautiful Bel Air store.  I recently sat down with Jen and Julia and got all the details on how they curate their store, the details behind their move to their stunning location, and who the ‘Switch Girl’ is.  

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Photos by Heidi Ryder

Photos by Heidi Ryder

1. Switch is truly my one stop shop for any clothing I need. You can whip up a red carpet look in no time and elevate my cali girl street style in a major way.  What inspires you when curating the clothing on your racks?

When choosing what lines and items to select for the store we really try to personalize our buy. We have so many clients and friends who have shopped with us over the years and we know what they like. When we go on buying trips, we are able to pick items with specific clients in mind. Nothing makes us feel more fulfilled than being able to help our clients feel like their most beautiful and confident selves. We also love meeting new people and having the opportunity to bring them into our switch family. We try to buy things that are different and unique that will set us apart from other stores.


2. This is Switch’s second location.  What was motivated you to make the move up Beverly Glen?

While we loved our location in Beverly Hills, we had so many clients who lived in the Bel Air area and would drive over the hill to see us. We kept hearing that they felt like it was so inconvenient for them to shop because everything felt so far.  Once we went up to the Glenn center to see it for ourselves, we realized that it was truly an Oasis tucked right in between the west side and the Valley. We love the location because we are able to be more available for our clients on both sides of the hill. 


3.  Your store is so beautiful and I always find us having girl time as we lounge and shop.  What was the inspiration and thinking behind the design process?

We love that you enjoy hanging out here. When we created the store, we wanted to create a space where people come and just hang out. It isn’t just about shopping for us, but about relationships with our friends and clients. We wanted the store to match our personal aesthetic, but also feel sophisticated, warm and inviting.  


4. Who is the ‘Switch’ girl?

We work with a variety of different people of all ages, sizes and ethnicities. Every client has a different style and we try to cater to each individual.  Sometimes people know what they like and other times they want us to help them navigate what style works best for them. Our clients share our passion for utilizing style as an expression of identity. They are willing to try something new and always have fun with it.  Also, switch girls love dogs. Charlie and Frankie, our Maltese pups, reside permanently in our store and our clients love to come up to visit and snuggle them. 

5. What trends are you loving right now?

We are loving faux fur for the winter. Designers are using fabrics that have the luxurious look of a real fur but do not inflict cruelty on our beloved fury friends. Also jewelry has always been a passion of ours and we enjoy curating unique vintage pieces. Right now we are having fun with vintage gold coins that elevate every look. 

Switch Boutique is located at 2954 Beverly Glen Cir, Los Angeles, CA 90077

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