Investing In A Big Girl Room With Staying Power

Before welcoming each little one into our lives, I spent so much time designing every last detail of their nurseries. Just before Sailor arrived we thought it would be the perfect time to introduce Emme to her very own ‘big girl’ room. I asked her to describe her dream bedroom and without batting an eyelash she replied ‘Rainbow Unicorn Sparkle’. Okay, full disclosure, I did not know this was a THING. It’s everywhere! I could have easily done a fab mashup of everything sparkly, colorful, and UNICORN. But the idea of investing in all that is glitter and glam without knowing how long Emme would be in love with it scared me! And then, in a Pinterest spiral, I found a photo of two women in the most beautiful Valentino dresses. Those faint, sparkly rainbows hit me over the head and I just knew. 

Photo from  @Pinterest

Photo from @Pinterest

I was about 8 months pregnant, in the middle of a spontaneous kitchen reno and was surrounded by the most loving crew of artisans making my crazy pregnant dreams come true. I shared my vision, my 4 week deadline, and my incredible painter, Jeff, mentioned he specializes in a technique called diamond dust. He proposed bringing the airy sparkle of the dresses to Emme’s ceiling. And voila! Emme’s Unicorn Sparkle Room was made! 

With a rich blush shade as our anchor; I chose simple and classic furniture that could work with evolving tastes. I also indulged in some spot on sparkly unicorn accessories that could easily be exchanged with Emme’s growing interests. 

The chandelier was an extension of the delicate sparkle on the ceiling and the bookshelf is truly a lifetime piece that I simply adore. 

The result is a room that glistens in all kinds of light, has all the whimsy of a little girl’s room, and maintains a subtle sophistication that I can’t wait to see come alive with different textiles and inspiration as she grows. 

The parts of the room I invested in, I was careful to make sure they withstand the test of time. With a little unexpected inspiration and neutral investment pieces, the result is a big girl room with staying power!