After Sun Skincare!


I don’t know about you, but this summer I went out with a bang. We spent Labor Day at one of the most enchanting lakes in Georgia and we enjoyed every second. My skin is pink and patched and in need of some TLC. As I pulled all of the rabbits out of my hat last night, I thought today I should share some of my favorite tools for nursing my skin back to health.

I should start by saying I’m an insane person about sunscreen. I didn’t get the bronzed Cuban skin most of my family has. So, for me, a day in the sun has never been about tanning. It’s always about survival! And since sun exposure doesn’t give me that glowy goodness, I do everything I can to protect and then nourish.

Here are some of the products I took with me on my trip this weekend! 


Everyday starts with sunscreen, but anytime I’m prepping for a trip or day that will mean heavy sun exposure I really make sure I’m prepared. I love all the Supergoop! products. I use the Daily Moisturizer religiously. 


But I picked up this Zinc Screen before this last getaway and loved it. It’s lightweight and potent!


I’m diligent about that first application of sunscreen, but never into the dreaded reapplication. These wipes are amazing for giving you that quick wipe during and after intense sun exposure. Makes it easy to reapply your sunscreen or get a head start on a soothing post ‘fun in the sun’ treatment! 


Forget AFTER the sun, I pack this in my beach bag. I can help it, I love it. It’s foamy goodness is easy to apply and really is soothing!


Ok, I’m seriously obsessed with these drops!! It makes sun protection effortless. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my skin gets very sensitive after a day of intense exposure. These drops feel like nothing on the skin and still provide me with protection! 


Shani Darden is my go to for everything skin related. As I was heading to Atlanta for my new show, she knew I would be working long hours in the Georgia heat. She popped this box in my bag and told me to use this mask every week. I’m obsessed. It’s soothing and ultra-moisturizing! It’s also my favorite post sun mask because the chilly gel cools things down while pumping in all of the hyaluronic goodness! 


I don’t know how else to describe this yummy oil, except it’s just GOOD! It’s in my regular rotation for skin care, but after a long day in the sun it’s heaven! 

I am a HUGE believer in LED Light Therapy! I try to give myself a little time under the lights everyday. But after I have overindulged in the sun, I make it a point to give myself some extra time for that TLC. There are a ton of options on the market for light therapy machines. I personally use the Deesse Pro Mask, but it’s a pretty big investment. And I believe that the more affordable options are a great way to try your hand at the treatment!


The Lightstim was my first experience with light therapy and it’s still in my arsenal. It’s great for travel (yes, I believe in the power of these lights so much I travel with them!) and its super user-friendly!


I haven’t personally tried this mask, but it’s highly reviewed and very affordable. It’s a great way to add light therapy to your regimen at very little risk!

I hope you all had a beautiful Labor Day and the perfect summer. Ours was pretty special. But, I don’t know about you, me and my skin are ready for fall!!