Housewarming Gifts With A Homemade Touch

By now you know homemade gifts have a special place in my heart. I find that the most thoughtful gestures are the most meaningful and memorable, and they usually are much less expensive than a store bought item. It seems like everyone I know is moving into new homes...including us! So I have been whipping up small housewarming gifts more than ever. Each gift is catered to the recipient, but always a mix between ‘the essentials’ and something special and homemade.

I usually start with a cheese board or dish towel that is unique. Something that might not be on the list of spending priorities as my friend takes on all the extra expenses that mount up during a move. I even tucked my finishing salts in this one! And some sage...because well it’s an essential for me when I’m setting up shop in a new space!

Adding a small herb plant, or seeds, is another one of my favorite ideas. Especially if my gift is leaning towards kitchen essentials.

Or a multi-purpose gift like this one covers all the bases and includes a pretty plant to liven up any space!

Helping stock a bar is always helpful too! That handy bottle of wine might be just what is needed when your loved one hasn’t gotten to unpacking their box of bar supplies!

Maybe you found a beautiful basket that you know your friend will love; scoop it up and fill it with easy snacks to grab when they haven’t had time to fill their pantry!

I’m a huge fan of throwing in some kitchen essentials too. I have recently moved to a home free from single use plastics. This could be a perfect time to introduce your friend to some eco-friendly sponges like the Walnut scrubbers from Grove Collaborative.


And these mesh produce bags come in a cute little carrying case and easy to tuck into any gift basket!

Recently I was putting together a gift for a friend of mine who has becoming obsessed with grilling. When he purchased his new home he might have spent as much money on his smoker and grill combo as he did his house! I took that as an opportunity to put together a cute basket like this one to stock his grill supplies!

It simple, easy, and inexpensive to curate a meaningful gift that brings comfort to a new space. No matter which way you choose to go, the thought that goes into these simple and personal collections of things will no doubt warm the new home of your loved one.

What kind of housewarming gift do you love to give?