Spring Cleaning Tips!

Photo by Heidi Ryder

Photo by Heidi Ryder

Anyone else feel the need to spring clean? Maybe it’s that time of year, or the sensational Marie Kondo that has stolen our hearts, but I’m into it! The Happy Place started as a destination that would celebrate the spaces, places, and moments in our lives that bring us the greatest joy. We deserve it! A house becomes a home when it’s a reflection of you. 

Part of my Happy Place is order and organization. When I don’t have that, my inspiration is absolutely crushed! I also find I need less when I can actually see what it is that I own. So I took a deep dive into my closet and went through all of it. I’m not an organization guru, but I have gotten pretty good at saying goodbye to the things that I don’t need anymore. 

It can all seem overwhelming, so I thought about some quick tips that may make things a little less overwhelming! 

  1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew! I haven’t had an entire day (or week!) to give to my closet, so I have tackled it in sections! That way it’s a quick 30 minute job instead of a week long chore. As I chip away section by section, I get more motivated to get more done!

  2. Don’t save items that you have luke warm feelings about just because it may ‘come back into style’. My denim section benefited the most from this! I decided that even if low rise jeans become all the rage again, I never want to be without my high rise styles ever again and I’m happy to make a lifelong commitment to keeping it all tucked in! I mean, are you with me?! 

  3. If you’re taking your time to tackle your closet, take the time to try things on. Things that may still fit me feel different after two babies. After I edited my dresses, blouses, and pants, I took my ‘keepers’ to the tailor to perfect the fit. 

  4. You don’t need a hundred of a particular style, just a few really great ones! This especially rang true in my lingerie and loungewear drawers. I realized I was reaching for the same two pairs of lounging pants in my over stuffed drawers. I edited it down and even splurged on some new ones!

  5. Be kind to your things! Invest in some great baskets, containers, and cedar blocks. My sweaters, shoes, and accessories benefited most from these investments.

  6. Are you constantly changing out your handbags??? I found myself losing things as I quickly switched from bag to bag. So now I make sure to empty the contents of my date night clutch or statement bag onto a designated tray. It has amazed me how much easier it is to keep track of the little things by simply emptying out my bag when I make a switch. I now can easily grab for my necessary essentials and know that all my other knickknacks have a place!

Organizing is really so personal and has to make sense to YOU if you ever hope to keep up with it. These are just a few things on my checklist when I make the space in my life to get more organized. What are your tricks??