THP Tid Bits: Tips For Styling Your Coffee Table

Photo by Heidi Ryder

Photo by Heidi Ryder

Building a solid foundation with beautiful furniture is the obvious first step when designing a space. But there is nothing more exciting than when it all comes together with accessories and personal items. I love this part of the process. And today I thought I would share some of my tricks for making a coffee table come to life with simple styling.


I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you that I’m always changing things up in my house. And one of the most cost effective ways to really feel like you are living in a whole new space is by switching up accessories. A coffee table is a great place to start. I generally adhere to a small little check list as a guide.


Coffee Table Books:

These work horses are all over my house. I use coffee table books to add height and interest on everything from bookshelves to entry tables and coffee tables. I try to pick up different books on all of my travels and I usually keep my latest finds on the coffee table for guests to thumb through.


Collection/Decorative Tray:

A tray is a great way to group smaller trinkets and personal items that give life and make your ‘styling’ organic and not too staged. Right now, on my coffee table, I have a beautiful crystal my friend Kelly gave me for my birthday, a smaller size of my favorite candle and one of the mini succulents that Emme and I recently planted.


Decorative Vase:

Adding a nice pop of height is a great way to round things out. It’s also a natural way to add another essential design element: something green or living! Fresh flowers give me life, so this is absolutely ALWAYS on my little check list when I’m trying to bring my coffee table to life.. 

Next time you are looking for a quick way to refresh your space, try switching up your coffee table. This checklist is a great starting point. Styling is truly when a house comes alive and I love nothing more than seeing great design made from personal touches that are a reflection of YOUR happy place! Show me your coffee tables and I will show you mine!!