Jon Prescott Pottery

Photos by Mark Epstein

Photos by Mark Epstein

Top on my list of things I’m hoping to accomplish in the new year is trying new things. I love that the design aspect of The Happy Place allows me to ask people what THEIR idea of their Happy Place is and in an effort to bring that to life I’m always soaking up the intricacies of what that entails. 

As I started to think about some of the things that are a part of MY Happy Place, pottery is a complete standout. I love it. I collect it. I can’t get enough of it. From the most simple vase or giant, beautiful bowl to the sweetest novelty item or one-of-kind piece of tableware...I melt. Aside from my terrifying clay birdhouses that my mother still displays proudly, I have never taken my admiration for the medium to the next level and actually got my hands dirty. And let me tell you peeps...we got dirty! 


My girlfriend, Erin, called me and asked if I had any interest in getting our pottery making on. I jumped. I immediately asked my friend, Minka to join. She’s ALWAYS up for an experience and we have shared more than a few :) Of course, my THP partner in crime, Kate, was in and we had assembled our group for the lovely, patient, and master potter, Jon Prescott. 


After a quick tutorial we got right into it. Minka was our only experienced potter in the group and her bowl clearly shows her skills. 


She started with a hunk of clay the size of her and worked that baby into a gorgeous piece of pottery. 


I, on the other hand, started with a manageable piece and couldn’t believe how utterly relaxing the experience was despite my complete lack of knowledge. Jon was an amazing teacher. He gently nudged our “mushrooms” to “cones” as needed and only mildly chuckled when we cracked our immature jokes. Because, people! We have all seen ‘Ghost’! And you would have to be half dead to not ‘go there’! 


Anyhoo, all jokes aside, I really applied Jon’s tips (especially when my bowl was taking shape) and I was SO proud of my little vessel. After learning that it will significantly shrink in the curing and firing process, I’m pretty sure it will result in a little nut bowl or trinket dish, but I will be darn proud of it! 


After I finished my bowl on the wheel I moved over to the work table and created a hand molded bud vase. I’m not sure which method I prefer, but I do know that both methods were incredibly challenging. It makes me admire my crushes like local ceramicist, Linda Hsiao and Boston gem, Jill Rosenwald even more than I already do. Each create not just beautiful home goods, but they are also conversation starters. To that my shaping and molding clay is a real gift! 


In a year where I’m looking forward to trying new things, I’m interested to see what I will actually try again. I can safely say my first adventure resulted in me wanting more. I still look forward to growing my collection of beautiful pottery, but who knows...maybe one of my original pieces will one day make the cut and live on my beloved shelfie! 


What are some of the new things you’re looking to try in 2019?! Maybe we can adventure together!



If you’re ever in LA and interested in a really unique experience, consider taking a class with Jon!

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