Holiday Gift Guide: Domestic God/ Goddess


This time of year I’m always on the hunt for that extra special gift for the one I love. Nick and I recently adopted a ‘favorites things’ basket that we curate throughout the year and get so excited to put it all together and gift them to our friends and family. It’s mostly filled with small little things that make us laugh, or have come in handy, and usually one special ‘can’t live without’ item. Gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive either! In fact, this month on The Happy Place I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite homemade gifts as well! 

Because gift giving is truly something that brings me tons of joy, I was really so excited to put together a few gift guides this year! Over here at THP, we are pretty proud of all of them. We’ve got the ladies, the men, and the kids COVERED! But in the spirit of what inspired the start of The Happy Place, I thought I had to start with all of you Domestic Gods/Goddesses! So here are a few fabulous homewares that made MY list for Santa this year! 


For those of you who know me, you know I’m obsessed with Etsy and in LOVE with Lionel Richie. I also love a good cutting board! And just like Lionel, it will withstand the test of time :)


Cupcakes and Cashmere really knocks it out of the park on so many levels. But this throw is definitely on my wish list this year. Cozy and the perfect shade of pink! 


My love for crystals is real. And the cleansing power of selenite will always bring goodness to any space. These chic bookends are subtle, beautiful, and guaranteed to fit in seamlessly with any decor!


Chrissy Tiegen is one of my favorites. She’s gorgeous, funny, and makes cooking fun and accessible! EVERYTHING from her new Cravings line at Target is on my wishlist. I especially love this fab cast iron pot. Cast iron is such a versatile piece of cookware and this one is pretty enough to sit on your stove all the time! 


Growing up in a Cuban home, most of my favorite memories are cooking huge meals surrounded by family. In fact, my brother is an excellent cook. He’s actually pretty excellent at a lot of things...including his job as an orthopedic SURGEON. His knife skills are epic. However this is NOT a skill I share with him :) I have sliced and diced my finger tips more than I’m willing to admit. So badly one time Nick had to blow dry my hair for a week. So these gloves were actually a suggestion from Nick and I’m pretty sure Santa will be leaving them in my stocking! 


I love a good gift that can be used in more than one way. These dipped pitchers are so beautiful. Sleek and simple and look just as fabulous serving up a drink of your choice as they do holding gorgeous flowers. And in perfect Mark and Graham can personalize it if you choose! 


Midland is one of my absolutely FAVORITE shops here in LA. They are the epitome of the ‘one stop shop’. If you’re looking for something special in any category, they have it. And they carry one of my OBSESSIONS: Heather Taylor Home. Heather’s handmade textiles are everything. They are the perfect addition to a well dressed table. Making a statement in such a special way. These napkins are exclusive to Midland...Dear Santa, I need these! 


It’s safe to say my crush on Rebecca Atwood is real. She is a Brooklyn based designer and artist and creates really beautiful, ethically-made pillows, bedding, wallpaper, and textiles. All of her designs are effortlessly compatible and that makes a difference when you have a tendency to constantly change things up! I LOVE this pillow and can’t wait to find the perfect spot for it in our home. 


If you don’t know about The Little Market, please take a moment to check it out. It was founded by two very special women, Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, who brought their love and expertise in fashion and design; and mixed that with their passion to empower, uplift, and change the lives of women artisans from all over world by giving them a platform to showcase their talent. The Little Market is a beautifully curated collection that leaves you feeling good because your purchase makes a difference in someone’s life. I’m totally humbled by just how much talent is in our world just waiting to be given a platform. I could have done an entire gift guide from The Little Market, but I chose a couple ‘must haves’. I LOVE these astrology candles. The perfect couples gift! And the banner is absolutely going to be hanging in my house ASAP!

Stay tuned for our Holiday Gift Guide: Kids Edition coming tomorrow!