Sailor's Nursery

Photos by  @thestudiomagnolia

This past weekend, Sailor made a break for it. Okay, wasn't that dramatic. But she did finally realize she was strong enough to get out of her crib and I will admit, I shed a tear (or two). In the midst of my emotional spiral, I knew it was time to start working on the design for her very first ‘big girl’ room. But that wasn’t without savoring some pictures of the nursery we brought Sailor home from the hospital to and I thought it would be fun to share them with you! 

Like any of my design projects, it usually starts with a piece of inspiration. For Sailor’s Floridian nursery that was Matthew Williamson at Osborne and Little ‘Flaming Club’ wallpaper. I loved it instantly and thought it would fit perfectly with the lively vibe of our home. The room has a ton of windows and there is unique curved shape to it. Knowing that I didn’t have a tremendous amount of wall space, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to go crazy and paper the entire room with it. 


All of the furniture was from Emme’s first nursery and I was amazed at how beautifully it worked with the paper. Knowing that the walls would really speak for themselves, my friends (and incredible designers in Tampa) Sandy Moore and Megan Newman poured over the perfect shade of lilac to break up the bold pattern and soften the room.  They also introduced me to probably one of the most incredibly comfortable rugs you could ever feel. It’s fluffy and lush and you could truly sleep on it. I have since tried to work this line into other rooms because it is so delicious.


I genuinely believe a space comes to life with that final layer. All the trinkets and special touches that make it personal. This is especially true for nurseries. One of my most favorite pieces is an embroidered quilt Sailor’s Aunt Reba gave her. Her Auntie is the queen of gifts that last a lifetime and this beautiful blanket is a perfect example of that. 


Leaning into the tropical vibes of the room, I indulged in some spot on accessories that added a fun and youthful feel. Lucky for me, Florida is the perfect place for this and between me and my friend (and fab interior stylist) Jen Hill...we had more than we knew what to do with!


I knew I wanted a mirror over the dresser/changing table, but I also needed something that could hold it’s on the patterned wallpaper, yet not take away from it at the same time. When I saw the gorgeous acrylic starburst mirror from Mirror Image Home I knew I found it! It was the perfect touch to the wall and I justified the splurge because it could no doubt grow with Sailor and fit in easily as the room changed styles. 

This room holds so many special memories. And it’s one of my favorites that I have ever put together. I often attempt to channel that bravery and sense of whimsy when I find myself making the safer choice out of practicality or out of fear of wanting to appeal to the masses. I knew as it was coming together it might not be for everyone, but that’s what makes for the most inspired designs sometimes! 

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the inspo for Sailor’s big girl room. But finding myself working on it sooner than I had imagined, I guess I need to take a walk down memory lane and soak up that moment in our lives when we were awaiting the arrival of our baby Sai.  I’m embracing the next step and excited to make the leap. But I’m still so proud of this room. It’s a reminder of a bringing home the nugget that made our family complete and the feeling of what it’s like to design on the most personal, fun, and carefree level.