Hi Everyone!

Photo by Heidi Ryder

Photo by Heidi Ryder

I am so excited to share my first official post on The Happy Place! I thought what better way to kick things off than to share with you a little slice of Happy from my own home.

With two little ones and a husband with boundless energy, having a space to sneak away to is the only way I survive! This little nook is tucked away on the side of our home. It has a really small fountain that instantly relaxes me and in the cooler months the fire pit keeps it cozy.  I happened to come across these CB2 chairs and loved the look of them, but couldn't believe how COMFORTABLE they actually are!  I immediately scooped up six of them to perfectly surround the fire pit. It makes for a really special place to take in a movie on the outdoor movie screen when I'm feeling generous and want to share my secret spot. 

I must admit, this little nook is not much of a secret anymore. If it’s five o’clock and someone is wondering where I may be…they always know where to find me.  Thankfully, the serene vibes of the space seem to cast their spell on everyone who enters and even if I’m enjoying some time with a baby on my lap or watching Nick swing his golf clubs around…it still fills me up.

Meaningful surroundings are essential to my happiness and sanity. And I believe everyone can and should have that same sense of connection to their spaces. I can’t wait to share my simple approach to design as we celebrate beautiful interiors. Here we let our hearts be the guide.