Happy Placers Update: Prospect Project

Photos by  @thesaramagnolia

Today I thought I would give you a little update on one of the projects that is very near and dear to my heart...my brother and sister-in-law’s home. This was a huge project that began with the complete demolition of their existing home, a new build by the (INCREDIBLE) Devonshire Custom Homes, and interiors by The Happy Place!

We are putting finishing touches on so much of this incredible home and I will share all the details. Today I thought I would start by sharing the kitchen and breakfast nook. This light and airy space is a bright and beautiful gathering space for the family.


Two huge priorities for their family was to have a space that looked put together but was also extremely durable. The pieces that were larger investments were mostly neutral, allowing the gorgeous stone island to make a statement. The large oval table is timeless and I chose simple iron chairs that tied in the stone countertops.

I was also very much in search of window treatments that softened the nook and have always admired Schumacher’s ‘Birds and Butterflies’. I thought it was worth testing their willingness to invest in them. I was thrilled when they liked the idea. The pattern is a perfect example of how a distinct print can add the interest one would expect but also fit seamlessly in with the simplicity of the room. I also was excited to see it adorn all of the windows and doors around the space. It really tied everything together!


The pendants over the island are some of my favorites. They are lined with the most beautiful metallic finish and it’s just enough sparkle to make me smile. They also paired perfectly with the acrylic counter stools.


Finally, I chose a large hanging mirror in the nook to reflect the pretty light from then opposing window.


And I incorporated a vintage tea set on the table that was meaningful to my sister-in-law!! Those are the moments I live for and truly the meaning behind The Happy Place.

I’m so happy with this beautiful room and feel lucky I still get to spend time in it!! We have much more of Prospect to share, but I thought this would be the perfect start!