Let's Party: Memorial Day Recipes For Kids

Photo by Heidi Ryder

Photo by Heidi Ryder

When Memorial Day comes around I always get a surge of excitement that summer is right around the corner. And I’m ready to get the bbq fired up and start acting like it! We usually spend the weekend party hopping and our ‘open door policy’ always means that we could have guests pop in at any moment. 

Weekends when I know we will have grownup’s ready for a glass of wine and something from the grill, I try to keep bite-sized fingers foods on hand for little fingers. This weekend I will be stacking snacks on my new star shaped stand that I picked up from HomeGoods and I will probably keep it simple throughout the day. I chose mini yogurt parfaits, star shaped PB&J’s and little star cheese stacks . But as the day goes on I have all the ingredients to whip together other simple treats. 

Here are a few of my go to’s and some I’m excited to try!

Crudités in a cup!

I love individual crudités. I usually do half with ranch dipping sauce and the other with a mild hummus. 

Mini Strawberry Shortcake!


Another one of my favorites that the kids love are these mini strawberry shortcake ‘sliders’. I cut the shortcake in different shapes depending on the occasion...my favorite is Valentine’s Day! And it so easy to put together! 

Fruit Kabobs!

I love a good kabob. These cuties are simple, delicious, and perfect for Memorial Day. 

Rice Cakes for Days!


My girls love rice cakes. We get creative with toppings. Their favorite is simply sliced avocado with a touch of sea salt. Sweet or savory, these are real crowd pleasers. You can even halve or quarter them to make them extra bite-sized! 

Tiny Pizza!

These mini pizzas take a little extra prep, but they are really easy and delish! 

Waffle Pops!

These waffle ‘pops’ are so cute and I can’t wait to try this at my next brunch. I feel like both kids AND adults will love them!

Truly the sky is the limit for bite-sized treats. What are some of your favorite recipes? I’m always on the hunt for new ideas! 

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe, and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!