THP Tid Bits: Aromatherapy

Photo by Heidi Ryder

Photo by Heidi Ryder

A happy home is a healthy home and I don’t know how this cold and flu season has been for you, but we have gotten hit hard. I have made a more conscious effort to boost our preventative measures and one of the ways I do that is by diffusing essential oils. There is nothing more inviting than a fresh and lightly scented home.


I love candles as much as the rest of us, but I love the subtle scents that a diffused oil or fragrance brings to a space. I also deeply believe in the healing powers of essential oils. The benefits are two fold. I find myself reaching for some of my favorite blended oils to energize a space or help to create a more relaxing environment.


I particularly love the oils blended by Uma. In fact, they have a kit that contains four mini bottles of their blends. They are perfect for popping into your handbag so you are never without them! I have mentioned my (embarrassing to Nick) in-flight wellness routine and these oils are absolutely a part of it! 

There is a lot of science that supports the mental and emotional benefits of aromatherapy. But they also are incredibly healing physically! I rely heavily on the oils that have anti-microbial properties...especially this time of year. And diffusing them is especially effective at killing airborne viruses and bacteria while adding humidity to the air which helps support our respiratory systems. Some of the most popular oils that boost the immune system are eucalyptus, oregano, peppermint, clove, and (my favorite) sweet orange. We have small diffusers in each room in our house and sweet orange is in constant rotation! There are so many gorgeous diffusers in the market. My favorite is made by Vitruvi. They are super chic and blend seamlessly with any decor.

Photo by Heidi Ryder

Photo by Heidi Ryder

Both of my girls have small diffusers tucked away in their rooms and I am pretty diligent about running them while they are at school and during the night. Lately, my On Guard oil has been in heavy rotation in an effort to help boost the girls’ immune systems during the cold and flu season. It has a pretty intense scent, so I usually diffuse a milder scent at night with similar health benefits. Emme loves sweet orange just like her mom. And I have been diffusing Gentle Baby by Young Living in Sailor’s room since she was a baby. 

There is a lot of conflicting ideas on what is safe to use and diffuse around babies and small children. I’m generally pretty conservative about my approach to these kind of things. And whenever I have any questions or wondering which oil to turn to for my family’s needs, I rely on The Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young. It is widely regarded as the ‘bible’ of essential oil safety and I really trust their approach. 

It’s safe to say I really believe in the healing powers of essential oils. Diffusing them is one of my favorite ways to enjoy them, but I also apply them topically! Let’s save that deep dive for another post! 

What are some of the ways you boost the health of your home and your family? I’m always looking for new tips and tricks!