The Happy Place & Happily Eva After Do Easter!

Easter came early at our house! On a recent trip to LA, my friend Eva Martino of Happily Eva After, came over with her kiddos and we planned a little Easter collaboration for the afternoon.


Eva brought the kid’s table to life and it was absolutely adorable. Each of our little ones had a precious basket filled with hard boiled eggs for coloring and a set of oil based crayons.

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Photos by Heidi Ryder

A candy necklace made for a perfect napkin ring!


And the bunny cupcakes didn’t last for more than a few minutes!


Eva and I both love a good celebration! And I’m always inspired by Happily Eva After, so I decided to stage a little Q & A about her Easter plans and share a little slice of HEA with all of you!


You and your kids are always dressed beautifully! Any great tips on where to shop for Easter Sunday’s best? Both big and little!

I looooove dressing up for Easter! This year Marlowe and I will be wearing the coordinating Mommy & Me dresses I designed for Masala Baby! I will probably put Major in a pale yellow gingham shirt and navy suit to compliment our looks. 

Otherwise, I find great daytime semi formal looks for the whole family  at JCrew and Zara. Janie And Jack also has the most darling Easter ensembles for littles!


What special traditions do you incorporate into Easter to make it extra special?

We always decorate eggs as a family the day before Easter. And an egg hunt of course! 

What is on your Easter supper menu this year?

I’ll be making rack of lamb this year, plus potato salad, my “Brussels Vinaigrette” (on the blog), and a big green salad. And lots of delicious wine of course! I also love to serve a signature cocktail if I’m entertaining. Try my blood orange and ginger martinis!


The Easter cupcakes you made at our get together were so precious! Where do you look for inspo for celebrations like this? 

I am always trying to find cute and easy ways to make things semi-home made. The important word being “Easy”! I don’t have time to painstakingly DIY a whole table and neither do most of the women who read my blog. And I get it! For Easter I love “bunny” anything, and these pipe cleaner bunny ears are so simple and adorable. Sprinkle coconut flakes on to store bought cupcakes for an extra layer of texture!


Can you share any special treats the Easter Bunny has in store for the kids and Kyle?

So believe it or not, Kyle is the member of our family who loves sweets the most! He will get some great chocolate in his basket, and maybe a cute spring tie. 

The kiddos love a cuddly stuffed animal, so I think the Easter Bunny might be dropping off a couple this year. We shall see!


Eva and I always have so much fun together. The wine went down way too easy and our kids were in heaven. If you haven’t visited Happily Eva After, it will not disappoint. All of Eva’s wit, honesty, style, life/mom hacks are so inspiring and relatable! And if you head over to I shared all my family’s plans for Easter and some simple entertaining tips! 

Happy (early) Easter!