Autumn Mandala + Crystal Centerpiece

One of the things I’m enjoying most since the launch of The Happy Place is getting the opportunity to share parts of my life that truly mean so much to me. I have had a longtime love of crystals and in almost every city I visit I find myself drawn to the local crystal shop. Not only do I find crystals beautiful, I’m genuinely in awe of their powers. I don’t want to get too deep into astrology, but this year has been a doozie filled with massive eclipses, retrogrades, and a huge energy push for me personally. I also have really taken my time designing our new home and there were a few places I knew I wanted to put some powerful intention into. So when I was ready to put my plan into action my friend, Mariah K. Lyons, was my first call. 

Mariah K. Lyons is an Intuitive Healer, Crystal Expert and Designer. She is the Founder of ASTARA, a luxury wellness footwear line utilizing crystalline and grounding technology. She has taught classes and workshops for clients such as NBC, Nike, Dreamworks, Soho House and Hello Giggles, as well as weekly crystal healing classes at Den Meditation in Los Angeles. She’s also one of the kindest humans I know. 

We first chatted about a crystal art installation for my living room that I have been dreaming of and CANNOT wait to share with you soon. But we also discussed creating a beautiful crystal centerpiece for our dining table. As summer eases into fall, Emme has started Kindergarten and Sailor preschool, and Nick and I are so busy with work; I long for something that not only grounds us, but also energizes us and supports all the energy around us. Full disclosure, this was SO fun. Mariah brought over some beautiful crystals and we put together this incredible crystal grid that literally drew people into our dining room. We also created a less ornate version of our centerpiece that is a bit more practical for everyday. 

I asked Mariah to really breakdown the function of everything we used. You can read the details below. Thank you Mariah for bringing your goodness into our Happy Place!!! 


Autumn Mandala + Crystal Centerpiece 

Photos by Heidi Ryder

Photos by Heidi Ryder

“This crystal and herb mandala is a centerpiece for celebrating Fall Harvest + Equinox. Autumn marks a time of the year filled with celebratory meals and gatherings with family and friends, creating special time to recognize and be thankful for all the abundance of wellbeing, love, joy, prosperity and community we have in our lives. 

Crystals emit frequency and information and can act as a “vibration holder” for the home. Think of this grid as storing and radiating the frequency of abundance, love and warmth for your home and all that come into your space.

The specific stones used build upon the energy of each other, almost like ingredients in a recipe. This Fall Harvest +Equinox Crystal Centerpiece brings love, prosperity, protection and warmth into the home. 

The main centerpiece stone is citrine. This particular stone is a heated amethyst, which heated to a specific degree, the color changed from purple to deep yellow, and the qualities are that of both amethyst and citrine. Citrine is a stone of strength, will power and prosperity. It is a stone of abundance and is the power stone in this crystal grid. I chose this as the main focus of the piece for it’s quality of great abundance, as both a reminder of how much we have in our lives to be thankful for, as well as all of the dreams we are currently manifesting into reality. 


Small selenite wands are the perfect addition to any room as well as any crystal mandala. Selenite is the highest vibratory crystal, and unlike most crystals, it never needs to be energetically cleansed or charged. It is the cleanser and charger! It acts as a magnifier for all other stones in the piece and always helps to keep a space energetically clean and clear of all unwanted negative energies.

Carnelian is a warming stone that has a lot of fire energy. It’s orange glow helps to stimulate and move energy and is a great stone to have during this time of the year where schedules are full and time may seem short. Acts as an energizer and helps with creative projects. 

Rose quartz is added to this grid to balance the fire energy and bring harmony and love to the space. It creates a warm energy of love and balance, helping to bring heart centered conversations to any table and create a loving environment in any room of the house.

Cinnamon sticks are added for both protection and warmth. Cinnamon has been used for centuries as a herb for energetic protection as well as to symbolize abundance and wealth. It is a high vibrational herb and helps one to stay focused on your intentions and dreams. 


When creating a specific grid or centerpiece, set an intention into the centerpiece as to what you wish this piece to emanate into your home and let that intention and vibration radiate throughout your home, creating an environment that your family and guests will absolutely love.”

- Mariah K. Lyons, ASTARA

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